This blog contains ads and, from time to time, may contain sponsored posts or affiliate links. These are simply a way for I, the blog owner, to help contribute to my household's finances. Here's a breakdown of what this means:

  • Google AdSense: This means that there are ads on this blog for which I will receive a small compensation from if you, as the reader, should choose to click on an ad that is relevant to you. These ads are generated by third-party websites, based on relevance to the content that I create here in my personal posts.
  • Spnsored Posts: This means that there will be posts in which I receive compensation (Either free products, or monetary compensation) in return for reviews on said products or services. All opinions expressed in my reviews are my own, and I will ALWAYS give my honest opinion....even if that opinion is not favorable.
  • Affiliate Links: This means that, from time to time, if I find a really good sale, or product that I like, I may earn a small commission from any items purchased through said links. These commissions are paid to me by the third-party companies, and will NEVER cost you any extra money. Privacy policies for each sale will be stated on the third-party's website, and I will NEVER have access to any of your personal information.

All of the above are simply a way to help provide for my family. All of that being said, I personally hope you will enjoy my posts, and find fulfillment in my writings and adventures. Happy reading, everyone! 

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