Friday, January 30, 2015

Market Basket Coupon Policy for Double/Triple Coupons

I copied the following policy from Market Basket's web page for those who may not be familiar with their Double/Triple Coupon Policy.

Double & Triple Manufacturer’s Coupons

  • Redeem your $0.40 – $0.50 manufacturers coupon for double value.
  • Redeem your $0.39 and below manufacturers coupon for triple value.
This offer applies to manufacturers’ cents-off coupons only. Good only for items normally carried by Market Basket. It does not apply to free coupons nor to bonus specials or price reduction in-ad coupons. It does not include promotion in-ad coupons of any other retailer.
This offer is valid except when double / triple coupons exceed the price of the item. In such cases, offer is limited to retail price of item.
Free coupons, tax or items prohibited by law are excluded. Cigarette coupons will be redeemed at face value only.
Market Basket Extra bonus coupons may be redeemed along with manufacturer coupon on same item as long as it does not exceed the price of the item. Market Basket Extra Bonus coupon face value will be reduced as to not exceed price of item.
Coupons printed on-line are subject to same merchandise coupon policies.
*Copies of coupons will not be honored.
*Sales limited to stock on hand.
*Rights reserved to limit.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kroger Trip: 1-25-15

In Today's Paper!!! 1/25/15

Here Are The Inserts You Can Find In Today's Paper:

(2) Red Plum
(1) Smart Source
(1) P&G

As always, you can find the details of which coupons are out today here: 

Happy shopping adventures to ALL of you!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Unilever Dry Spray VoxBox Review...Provided by Influenster!

Market Basket Ad - 1/21/15


Campbell's On-the-Go Soups (10.75 oz.)
Lay's Stax Potato Chips (5.5-5.7 oz.)
Parade Oatmeal; Regular or Quick (18 oz.)
Parade Taco Shells (12 Ct.) 
Value Star Foam Plate (40 Ct.)
Stryo Big Cool Cups (20 Ct. , 16 oz.)
Del Monte Ketchup (24 oz.)
Lil' Dutch Maid Creme Cookies (16 oz. , Assorted)
Oscar Meyer Turkey Bologna or Salami (16 oz.)
Oscar Meyer Basic Lunchables (2.25-4.4 oz.)
John Morrell Jumbo Meat Hot Dogs (16 oz.)
Odyssey Microwave French Bread Pizza Singles (5 oz.)
Fast Bites Sandwiches; All Varieties (4.2-5.5 oz.)
Jimmy Dean Heat&Serve Breakfast Sausage Links (5.2 oz.)
Great on the Grill Farmland; Bacon Wrapped Pork Fillets (4 oz.)
El Monterey Burrito Singles (10 oz.)
Tennessee Pride Sausage Gravy (8 oz.)
El Monterey Breakfast Burritos (4.5 oz.)
Del Monte Pasta Sauce (24 oz.)
Del Monte Sloppy Joe Sauce (15 oz.)
Del Monte Tomatoes (14.5 oz.)
Parade Chili with Beans (15 oz.)
Cousin Willie's Microwave Popcorn (10.5 oz.)
Crunch&Munch Snacks (3.5 oz.)
Pictsweet All Natural Steamables Vegetables (11-12 oz.)
Jose Ole Chimichangas or Burritos (4-5 oz.)
Chocolate or Strawberry Nesquick Milk (14 oz.) 
Vitamin Water, Fuze Drinks, or Gold Peak Tea (16.9-20 oz.)
Campbell's Red&White Soup Bowls (10.75 oz.)
Smucker's Grape Jelly (20 oz. Squeeze Bottle)
Mrs. Freshley's Reg. or Raspberry Dreamies (2 Pack)
Top Care Coated Aspirin (100 Ct.) 
Colgate Toothbrushes (Assorted Plus or Triple Action)
Colgate Toothpaste (Assorted; 4.6 oz.)

Meat Department Sales

****PICK 5****
Choose any 5 items in our Meat Department marked with Special "Pick5" Red Day-Glo Stickers for ONLY $24.99!!!
"Get 5 Different Items or All 5 the Same!"

Swift Premium Natural Bone-In Loin End Pork Chops - $1.49/lb.
Swift Premium Baby Back Pork Ribs - $2.99/lb.
MB Premium Angus Beef Boneless Rump Roast - $3.69/lb.
USDA Inspected Fresh Fryer Drumsticks - $0.69/lb.
Swift Premium Natural Bone-In Center Cut Pork Loin Chops (Family Pack) - $2.99/lb.
Swift Premium Natural Boneless Pork Sirloin Roast (Twin Pack) - $2.49/lb.
Swift Premium Dry Rub Seasoned Center Cut St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs (Kansas City or Whiskey Black Pepper) - $3.69/lb.
MB Premium Select Angus Beef Cutlets (Family Pack)- $4.99/lb.
MB Premium Select Angus Beef Top Round Boneless London Broil (Thick Cut) - $4.99/lb. 
MB Premium Select Angus Beef Boneless Top Sirloin Steaks (Family Pack) - $4.99/lb. 
MB Premium Select Angus Beef Boneless Bottom Round Steaks (Family Pack) - $4.99/lb.
Tyson Grade "A" Bone-In Fresh Split Fryer Breast (Family Pack) - $1.99/lb.
Farm Raised Swai Nuggets (2 lb. Bag) - $3.59 Ea. 
Farm Raised Fresh Salmon Fillets - $7.49/lb.
Peeled Gulf Shrimp (71-90 ct. or 1 lb. Bag) - $8.29 Ea.

Fresh Goods

5 lb. Bag All-Purpose Russet Potatoes - $1.69 Ea.
Costa Rica Fresh Juicy Gold Pineapples - 2/$5
Washington State Red Delicious, Gala, or Granny Smith Apples - 6/$2 
California Seedless Navel Oranges - 6/$1
Fresh Tangy Blueberries, Raspberries, or Blackberries (6 oz. Container) - $2.99 Ea.
Juicy Mexican Ataulfo Mangos - $0.89 Ea.
3 lb. Bag Farm Fresh Yellow Onions - 2/$3
10.5 oz. Carton Red Ripe Grape Tomatoes - $1.69 Ea.
Assorted Fresh Express Salads (5-7 oz.) - $3.29 Ea.
Garden Fresh Green Bell Peppers - 4/$2
Your Choice Fresh Mexican Serrano or Jalapeno Peppers - $0.79/lb.

8 Pcs. BBQ Chicken (Mixed with Applewood Smoked Bacon Sauce) - $6.99
Pint Delicious Chicken & Sausage Gumbo - $3.89 Ea.
Laughing Cow Mini Baby Bel Cheese (4-5 oz.) - $3.99 Ea.
Pecan Crusted Tilapia (3 oz.) - $3.29 Ea.
Panera Soups (Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Tortilla, or Baked Potato; 10 oz.) - $3.99 Ea.
Kretschmar Bavarian Ham (No MSG; Gluten Free; Sliced to Order) - $5.99/lb.)

16 oz. Baked Fresh Filled King Cake - $8.99 Ea.
22 oz. Large Baked Fresh Six Grain Bread - $2.99 Ea.
20 oz. Loaf Baked Fresh Garlic Bread - $2.79 Ea.
14 oz. Baked Fresh Pecan Pull-A-Part - $3.49 Ea.
Classic Sensations Coconut Cream Pie - $9.99 Ea.

Refrigerated Goods & Beverages

Oscar Meyer Chopped Turkey Ham (16 oz.) - 2/$4
Rath/John Morrell Sliced Bacon (All Varieties - 12 oz.) - $2.69
Sugardale Sliced Ham (Big 2 lb. Pkg.) - $5.99
Sugardale Sliced Smoked Turkey (Big 24 oz. Size) - $4.79
Eckrich Smoked Sausage (Original, Skinless, or Beef; 13-14 oz.) - $2.69
Jimmy Dean Heat&Serve Pork or Turkey Sausage Patties (23.9 oz.) - $4.49
Jimmy Dean Heat&Serve Breakfast Sandwiches (12.4-22.8 oz.) - $4.49
Fast Fixin' Breaded Chicken (Nuggets, Strips, Patties, or Popcorn; 20-24 oz.) -$3.49
Birds Eye Voila! Complete Meals (21 oz.) - 2/$7
Tai Pei Entrees or Fried Rice (12-14.2 oz.) - 2/$4
12 Pack Banana Pops or 6 Ct. Cotton Candy or Asst. Fruit Bars Blue Bell Take Home Snacks - 2/$4
Oak Farms Ice Cream (Half Gallon) - 2/$9
Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice (59 oz.) - 2/$5
Crystal Farms Shredded or Chunk Cheese (8 oz.) - 2/$4

12 Pack - 12 Oz. Cans (Coke or Dr. Pepper) - 3/$13
8 Pack - 12 Oz. Bottles (Coke or Dr. Pepper) - 3/$13
8 Pack - 7.5 Oz. Cans (Coke or Dr. Pepper) - 3/$9
12 Pack - 12 Oz. Cans (Stars & Stripes Soft Drinks) - 3/$6
24 Pack - .5 Liter (Ozarka Spring Water) - 2/$7 

Kool-Aid Jammers (Assorted Flavors; 10 Ct.) - 2/$4

Corona Beer (Extra or Light; 12 Oz. Longneck;12 Pack) - $13.99
Budweiser (Reg., Light, 55, or Select; 12 Pack) - $10.29
Miller (64, or Light; 12 Pack) - $10.29
Coors Light (12 Pack) - $10.29

Health & Beauty Buys

Vidal Sasson Shampoo or Conditioner (12 oz.) - 2/$5
Triaminic (4 oz.) - $4.99
Top Care Stomach Relief (8 oz.) - $1.99
Excedrin (Tension, Migraine, or Extra Strength; 24-30 Ct.) - $2.99
BIC Razors (Comfort Advanced, or Simple Soliel; 4 Ct.) - $3.99
Sparkle Paper Towels (8 Regular, or 6 Pick-A-Size rolls) - $5.99 Ea.
Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue (24 Regular, or 12 Double Rolls) - $5.99 Ea. 

Other Advertised Deals

JIF Peanut Butter (15.5-16 oz.) - $1.79
Seaport Coffee (15 oz.) - $4.89
Assorted Malt O' Meal Kids' Cereal (22-30.6 oz.) - $2.99
Polaner Jellies or Preserves (Reg. or Sugar Free; 10-13.5 oz.) - 2/$4
Ragu Pasta Sauces (23.9-24 oz.) - 2/$4
Maruchen Ramen Noodles (3 oz.) - 5/$1
Blue Plate Mayonnaise (30 oz.) - $2.99
Maxwell Housee Wake Up Roast Coffee (30.6 oz.) - $6.99
Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Olive Oil (17 oz.) - $3.49
Underwood Deviled Ham or Chicken Spread (4.25 oz.) - 2/$3
Nabisco Toasted Chips (4.5-8.1 oz.) - 2/$6 
Nabisco Oreo Cookies (11.3-15.2 oz.) - 2/$6
Cheetos, Fritos, or Dips (8-10.25 oz. Chips; 9 oz. Dips) - 2/$5

Sunday, January 18, 2015

BoostInsider Review

What is BoostInsider?
BoostInsider is a promotion platform that makes it easy to make money if you want to work from home. As with all online job opportunities, how much you earn depends greatly on how much time you're willing to invest.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My name's Jen, and I'm married with 3 beautiful little girls! I'm all about finding deals, and finding ways to save money. I also have a knack for finding awesome freebies, and I love writing reviews on the products I try! I also love finding new ways to earn a little money from home (Who wouldn't want that??). 

People are always asking me how I find such good savings, freebies, etc., and are always asking me to teach them how to do it. Now, I'm not very good at teaching, but I AM going to try to help! In this blog, I'll post about; savings and coupon deals, reviews on products received, reviews on online products, etc. I've also found a TON of old family recipe cards from my husband's side of the family, so I'll be posting lots of those too as I try the recipes myself (yummy looking pictures to be included!!).

Anyways, here's to hoping you all enjoy my blog! :)