Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Week's Adventures

What a week it has been!! I'm truly not even sure where to start!

Monday was, of course, Memorial Day. Our family didn't really do much. We'd done BBQ on Saturday, and I'd whipped up a large crock pot full of tortilla soup on Sunday, so Monday was a lazy & quiet day of relaxing, and munching on leftovers.

Tuesday? Well.....Tuesday, Gail and I were SUPPOSE to have gone to Texas Children's for her cardiology checkup. As a result of torrential downpours, and historic flooding, that did NOT happen! I wen't to bed Monday night with my nerves in a wreck at the thought of driving out to Houston in the thunderstorms (I have high levels of anxiety, and driving in storms is a quick way to set off panic attacks for me). My husband had stayed awake the majority of the night, watching the rain and hail come down. He came to bed around midnight, and I got up shortly before 1:00 a.m., when my alarm went off. Gail's echo-cardiogram was suppose to be sedated, which meant she wasn't allowed to eat after 1:20 a.m., so I'd woken her to get her one last bottle before the cutoff time. It was as she was eating that I logged onto the computer to check the radar, as it was heavily downpouring at the time. That was also the same time I started looking, and seeing all the pictures of the floods!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

A Day of Adventure at Big Thicket!!!

I truly meant to get around to this post sooner, but we all know that life has a way of getting busy sometimes!!

Tuesday, Maddie's class took a field trip to Big Thicket, and Gail and I used the opportunity to tag along and get out of the house for the day!