Sunday, May 31, 2015

Amazon Smile: Support A Charity!

 Are you, or someone you know, affected by a rare medical condition? Or maybe you have special organization that you'd like to help in some way? Amazon Smile gives you the ability to do that!

Simply go to and select which charity or organization means the most to you! Not sure if your preferred charity/organization is on the list? Simply type it into the search bar at the bottom of the home page to see if it exists on Amazon Smile.

With Amazon Smile, once you've selected a charity or organization, you simply shop as usual. The only difference is that now, when you shop, a portion of what you pay for your purchase will be donated to your selected charity or cause! There is truly nothing better than knowing that you can support a cause that's close to your heart simply by shopping on Amazon!

A few examples of some of the causes?
  • Heterotaxy Connection (My personal favorite)
  • The Children's Heart Foundation Texas Chapter
Now, obviously, the two I listed as examples are close to MY heart because my youngest daughter has Heterotaxy Syndrome along with complex congenital heart defects. That's why I fluctuate between the two when shopping for all of my Amazon purchases!

If you're not sure if your favorite cause or charity is part of Amazon Smile, again, type it in and see!

So now that you know more about what Amazon Smile is, and how it works, be sure to tell your friends so that THEY can help to support a good cause as well!

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