Friday, May 1, 2015

A Day of Adventure at Big Thicket!!!

I truly meant to get around to this post sooner, but we all know that life has a way of getting busy sometimes!!

Tuesday, Maddie's class took a field trip to Big Thicket, and Gail and I used the opportunity to tag along and get out of the house for the day! 

As you can see, sweet Gail was nice & comfy, and ready for the adventure!!! I was so scared that she'd spend the day being fussy, but she wasn't! She was nothing but happy and curious the whole time! Due to recent storms, it was questionable at first if her stroller would make it through some of the hiking trails, but there was only one spot in the trail that took some special maneuvering, so YAY!!!

After hiking the trail, it was finally time for LUNCH!!! (Maddie asked COUNTLESS times while hiking if it was time to eat yet...typical kids!)

She was so happy to dig into her chips!! I think that's secretly why she kept asking about when lunch would be!

Naturally, we had to take a mommy/daughter selfie in between bites while grubbing!

After lunch, it was time to line up for a trip into the museum!!

I love how you can see the excitement on her face!!! There were some little mini-adventures along the way to the museum...

Climbing adventures!! I love that my daughter has the same sense of adventure that I had as a child! I love her excitement for the outdoors, and her tomboyish ways!!!

Fast-forward past the "movie" that the kids didn't really have much interest in (they're kids...who can blame them, right??), and it was time to explore the museum!

Maddie had fun exploring different wildlife that can be found in the Thicket..

I love the silly faces I was able to capture!! Also, she was pretty fascinated with some of the bug-like creatures! Don't let the "tomboy" in her fool you though. As tough and carefree as she looks in all of the pictures so far, I was in tears of laughter at the next one!

She did not like the bear! In fact, her friend had to hold her still so I could grab this moment!

All in all, it was a pretty good day for us! My husband's upset that he and our other daughter weren't able to tag along, so we're planning a surprise return trip this summer to surprise Maddie and Kay! I honestly can't wait!!!

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