Monday, August 31, 2015

Life Here Lately

It has been a long few weeks for my family!

We have been without a computer, so blogging has been difficult. I wanted to give a few life updates though!

Wednesday, Gail gave us a really big scare with a severe cyanotic episode. 911 was called that morning, and we spent all day in 2 different emergency rooms. I have literally NEVER been as scared as I was during her episode! The doctors are thinking it may have been a seizure, so the referral was put in for neuro, and we're waiting for them to call with an appointment.

 Thursday, Gail had her cardio appointment. Her left side structures are growing nicely, but the right side of her heart is a little too big, so open heart surgery may be sooner rather than later. This COMING Thursday, she's scheduled for a spleen scan to check her splenic function.

As for yesterday? My 5 year old had a little too much fun on the 4 Wheeler, and is now sporting stitches.

It's pretty safe to say that this mama is ready for an emotional meltdown after how the last few days have played out, haha!

Here's to hoping that all of my readers have a wonderful and positive week!!

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