Friday, February 19, 2016

Life Back On the Grid??

It feels GREAT to have internet access again!!! My husband and I were finally able to purchase a new computer, so I'll be able to blog more. This makes me HAPPY!!!

Being without a computer since August, it's almost like our little family has been living off the grid. Checking social media, emails, etc. isn't very tempting when you've got only your cell phone to work with (in my own experience, anyways).

So much has happened since my last post!

My oldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD several months ago. The result has been that we've completely changed how we work with her on her school work, etc. Since starting her with treatment, she has absolutely excelled in school! She's ahead of her grade level on reading now, and was recently awarded the Star Student award. Words can't describe how proud I am of her for how far she's come this school year!!!

Kay has come such a long way as well! Last January, she had her ARD meeting that put her in speech therapy due to a lisp, and other speech impediments. Last month, it was decided that she's learned enough to be graduated out of speech therapy. She scored 100% on the test that determined whether or not she should continue the therapy......ANOTHER proud mom moment!!!!

Gail is doing really well, too!! Her AV valves are leaking more, but now her surgeon is wanting OHS to wait until she's closer to 2 years old, so this mama has been filled with anxiety over the waiting game!! Aside from that, sweet girl has been cutting teeth, and is on her 3rd round of antibiotics for an ear infection that wont seem to go away!!

As for my husband and I? We're going through spring cleaning mode in our house. The weather has been PERFECT for it. We've also started buying fruit trees to add to our "garden" collection. We're currently waiting on our broccoli and cauliflower crops to get mature enough to pick (about another week or so!). I, personally, am ready for broccoli cheese rice casserole. It tastes SO much better when the broccoli is fresh from the garden!

Now that I've given a brief little update on our life, I'm off to catch some ZZZZZ's. Be on the lookout for lots of new posts coming soon!

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