Sunday, June 26, 2016

#Jackyled Universal 3 in 1 Travel Plug Adapter

***This is a sponsored post. I received a 2-pack of Jackyled Universal 3 in 1 Travel Adapters for free, in exchange for my review. All opinions are genuinely my own.***

So this week I had the opportunity to test these Jackyled travel adapters, which can be purchased on Amazon here.

This adapter is made for travel in the UK and Hong Kong, and can fit virtually any plug (It does state in the Amazon product description it is NOT compatible with the large South African plug).

As you can see from the pictures, I tested the product with my cell phone charger, and my laptop charger (the FIRST 2 things I'd pack to bring with me!).

The chargers for both the cell phone and the laptop fit perfectly!

There are plug slots from different angles of the adapter, made to fit different types of plugs, which adds more points in my book.

If you're getting ready to travel overseas to the UK or Hong Kong, I recommend this adapter for your travel needs.

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