Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 25: Love Takes Responsibility

25 days ago, I started on a personal journey to help build a stronger relationship with my kids. Some of you may be familiar with it, and some of you may not. The journey I'm on is The Love Dare for Parents. My decision to start this journey was brought on by many things; the biggest being life's stresses.

Since I've started this, my eyes have really been opened a lot, and I've been put into some uncomfortable positions, but it's all been well worth it!

Today is day 25. Today's challenge makes me nervous.

Today, when my children get home, I'll take them individually to the side and sit them down to really talk with them. Today? I'll ask them if I've ever hurt or wronged them in any way.

As a parent, I worry that the answer may be YES. Do you know how horrible that's going to make me feel if they say yes!? Today, I'm truly going to give them a genuine apology for ANYTHING I may have ever done that they might see as hurtful. It doesn't stop there though.

I haven't even gotten to the "action" part of today's challenge yet, and it has already internally opened my eyes that I need to strive harder at making sure my kids really and truly KNOW that I love them, and that I'd do literally anything on this Earth for them!

This is a journey that I'm very thankful to have started, and I'm going to make the very most of it...especially today.

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