Saturday, July 1, 2017

Oh Sweet Summertime...

Every time I tell myself that I'll start posting LIFE posts more often, it seems like life gets too busy for that. Isn't that about typical!?

Life has been a whirlwind since summer vacation started!

These two both have June birthdays (10 days apart, actually) which means that the month was busy BUSY for us!

Not pictured in this post are the birthday activities that took place on the FIRST birthday. On Maddie's birthday we took the girls into town for a day of adventure. We started out at Rao's Bakery, where they each got to pick their own miniature single-serve cakes. They loved it! We followed that with a trip to the book store since both girls love to read, and they got to get a new book! Ending that day, we stopped by the pet store to get some new fish for their aquarium since they love to collect fish (This ended badly for the new fish as well as a few fish we'd already had 😢, but more on that another time [maybe]).

As you can see above, the girls were each allowed to pick their own cake for the day of their actual party. With their birthdays being so close together, it's always easier to combine their party, but we ALWAYS let them each have their own cake!

The girls were delighted on the day of their party to discover that they were getting more books, and fidget spinners! They'd been BUGGING for fidget spinners during the last few weeks of school, and I told them they could wait until summer, because I didn't want them distracted by them during class.

Even though her birthday isn't until August, Gail got a new book and fidget spinner too! She loves to be just like her sisters. She loves books just as much as they do, and she's just as fascinated by fidget spinners as they are!

There is no slowing her down. In her mind, she is just as big and as capable of doing things as her sisters are, and I absolutely love that about her!

Aside from all of the birthday excitement, Maddie and Kay have been busy with the summer track season. They've done cheerleading in the past with the same league that does the track meets, but this year is the first year that their school has actively participated in the track events. Last weekend was their first actual track meet, and I think they both did awesome for it being the first time for each of them!! I won't lie though, I'm thankful that we don't have a meet this weekend with it being July 4th weekend!

Kay did so well at her first meet that she came home with a 4th place ribbon for the softball throw. I'm so super proud of her for this!!

Maddie didn't place in anything at this meet, but that's okay. I told her she can place at the next meet if she really practices at what she's aiming for.

Aside from the softball throw, they ran the 40 and the 100, and they ran their hearts out as fast as they could. I'm super proud of them regardless of whether they placed in anything or not!

This is how crazy busy our summer has been so far!! I can't wait to see what else it has in store for us, and what kind of adventures lay ahead!

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