Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Week Adventures!!

What a busy week it's been for us. . .SERIOUSLY!!!

To start things off, my oldest daughter spent most of her week at home with me thanks to a nasty stomach bug that didn't want to go away. For that reason, I wasn't really able to snap any pictures of her to use for this post. I hate seeing my babies sick! The only good thing that came of it is that she and I were able to spend some much needed time together....something we haven't really been able to do since Gail was born.

Tuesday, sweet Kay had her very first field trip! The local co-op had a huge Easter egg hunt and fun Easter activities for pre-k students from participating schools. 

The kids from her class made their own tie-dye t-shirts to wear for their trip, and I can't get over how cute they are!! My biggest joy was simply being able to tag along to enjoy her first field trip experience with her!! I had to miss out on a lot of things when I was still working, so I make a point to not miss these experiences now since I'm able to attend without the restrictions of a work life. It's truly the little moments like this that count most in life!

This past week also held some big moments for sweet Gail!

She's starting to cut more teeth I introduced her to what has turned out to be a "family-favorite" teether....PIZZA CRUST!! Maddie and Kay both used pizza crust to teeth on when they were little, so I finally let Gail have a little taste, and she loved it! (Please note that she does not actually eat pizza, and only used the crust for teething purposes).

Aside from teething, it was a big week for Gail because she's finally showing progress in her growth! Her growth has big one of her biggest hurdles with her heart defects, and is something that her medical team and I have been actively working to improve.

You see that above?? Gail's clothes finally started getting a little too snug on we got to go shopping this week!! At almost 8 months old (on the 12th), she can finally fit into 6-9 month clothing!! There are 2 other outfits not pictured above, due to the fact that she's already worn them. I'm just super happy that she's finally growing a little. I'm also happy that I had a legit reason to buy some cute new clothes for her!

After the shopping adventures, our week was relatively quiet until yesterday. Being as it was the day before Easter, our day was filled with the excitement of getting to decorate eggs! In our house, the decorating of the eggs is probably what stirs up the most excitement (aside from the joy of finding treat-filled baskets from the Easter bunny, of course).

I won't lie...when it comes to Easter, I'm a little happy to have all girls. Having all girls means we get to be creative, and make our eggs as pretty, shiny, and "girly" looking as we want to! Maddie and Kay, of course, have each chosen specific eggs from the picture above that are "theirs," and no one else is allowed to touch them! They each create their own special egg every's one of our own unique traditions!

I know 3 little girls who are going to be very HAPPY when they see that the Easter bunny didn't forget about them!!

From our family to yours, happy Easter, everyone!! Let us not forget what today truly stands for!

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