Thursday, April 23, 2015

SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes Review!!

Soooo, this is something that I'm kinda SUPER excited about!!! I received these SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy ropes free from Smiley360 for testing and review purposes, all opinions expressed are my own!!

SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes (also widely known as Kazoozles) are the perfect mix of sweet and tangy with just the right kind of chewy texture! The ropes are made of a delicious cherry licorice that's soft and chewy, and packed with an awesome punch flavoring in the middle!

I couldn't wait to share these with my girls!!!

As you can see, they were well on their way to getting roped into this awesome chewy treat with just the first bite...and so was I!!!

Not only are SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes delicious, but they make for some fun times, and awesome memories!! They're truly more than JUST a sweet treat!!

Making memories.... THIS is 
what sister love is all about!!!

Annnnd, with such a delicious treat to snack on, it's hard not to get roped into being silly while snacking!! 

In fact, my oldest daughter loves SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes SO much that she decided to make a heart to show the world just how delicious these really are!! 

So tell me, what's stopping YOU from getting roped in!?

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