Sunday, April 3, 2016

Not My Typical Sunday Morning...

It's true...this has NOT been like my Sundays usually are. On the typical Sunday, my alarm goes off at 3:00 a.m. It's the magical time that I wake, start a pot of coffee, and go to grab my newspaper from the front yard. That did not happen this morning, hence the lack of my usual "Houston Chronicle Coupons" posts. The reason? Life happens.

I went to bed last night with all intentions of staying on track with the coupon routine. Unfortunately, my body had a different plan. About 10 minutes after hopping into bed, a massive toothache hit me out of the blue. It was after 2 a.m. before I finally was able to fall asleep. I was STILL in pain at 5:30 this morning when I woke up. That's not stopping me from at least posting SOMETHING today though! (It's time for a more personalized post's been too long!)

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of Easter excitement! My father-in-law always does his family Easter celebration a week before Easter due to the fact that everyone has scattered plans when Easter weekend actually rolls around; It's his way of making sure that the family can celebrate together at some point.

One big thing that he always does for Easter is a crawfish boil. It's a family tradition that just about everyone loves. Maddie and Kay don't care for it (typical kids), so we don't force the mudbugs on them. Last year, Gail was too little to really even have interest in trying a bite. This year was different. As you can see by the picture, she likes it!!

I love that the end result was the fact that I was able to capture a good father/daughter picture!! I think this is one for printing and framing!

With the Easter excitement, of course, came the excitement of Maddie and Kay's Easter parties at school. If there's one thing I love about being a stay-at-home mom, it's the fact that I get to be there for those things. I love being able to create those kinds of memories with them!

Maddie and Kay were ecstatic about me being there for their parties, especially Kay! Gail and I were a little late on getting there, and Kay got upset thinking that I wasn't going to show up. She was in tears when I got there, and it broke my heart! Needless to say, there was a great big long hug when I got there! I'm also very thankful for her teacher, who paid for me to be able to eat lunch with her AFTER the party because I didn't have any cash on me. I loved that I was able to spend that little bit of extra time with Kay since I'd missed the first part of her party.

As with any special occasion, the girls and I took mommy/daughter selfies!! Gail doesn't really sit still long enough for those, so I caught a snap of her while she was munching on treats!

Fast-forward to Good Friday! Our neighbors invited us over for another crawfish boil.  Crawfish makes my husband seriously super happy! It made his day for sure! Maddie and Kay were happy because they got to have some tree-climbing adventures!

As for myself? I was invited by a good friend to join a personal challenge that started on the day after Easter. 

I'm excited about this. I know I'm not perfect, nobody is. I've felt so many emotions in recent months when it comes to my parenting abilities. I don't want my kids to think of me as a mean or angry person, nor do I want them to ever doubt my love for them. I love that the challenges in this book are helping to bring my kids and I closer together, as well as helping us grow closer with God. It's helping to decrease my anxiety levels, and increasing the level of peace I feel (only a week into it!). I'm excited for what this 40 day journey holds for our family! you all know a little more of what's been going on in my life. I promise it won't be so long before my next post on life adventures! For now, I'm logging off to try to catch a bit of rest. The usual coupon posts will be back in action next weekend! May you each have a happy and blessed day today!

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