Thursday, August 4, 2016

For Inquiring Minds...

I feel like it's been half past FOREVER now since the last time I made a "personal" post, so what better time than now, right??

Part of the reason for my lack of personal posts would be the fact that it's summer vacation, and my kids have been keeping me busy & on my toes! Like right NOW, for example. It's shortly after 3:00 a.m., and my sweet toddler has had me awake since around about midnight. Granted, SHE has not been awake the entire time. Once she woke me up, however, the act of me being able to fall asleep again went completely out the window. Thank goodness for COFFEE.

Those who follow the blog regularly know that I've spent the summer testing and reviewing products. It's been a great way to keep from feeling stressed! This week I've got some campaigns I'm working on that are all about #HairLove. I'm really excited about them!

Those who follow the blog regularly also know that I haven't posted the Houston Chronicle inserts for the majority of the summer. I will be starting to post them again once the new school year rolls around. The reason? On mornings when I type up the HC coupons, I wake at 3:00 a.m. to grab my paper and get started. During vacation time, this generally leaves me grumpy, and not fun to be around. So I made the decision to get proper amounts of rest while my girls are home for summer. They're my top priority, and I want them to enjoy the HAPPY me.

While I may not post many personal posts on this blog very often, you can still keep up with me on different social channels! (I'm always posting SOMEWHERE). I'll leave the links below:

One of these days, I'll get around to making a FB page! I've got some other adventures I'm about to embark on, and some new survey sites that I'm adding to my personal list of favorite sites. I'll post more on that later!

For now, I'm going to log off and finish my coffee. I just wanted to give everyone some explanations, and let y'all know why my posting habits have changed. I promise this is only temporary!

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