Friday, July 29, 2016

#DOKOIN Mop and Broom Holder Review

This week, I've been introduced to a product that has genuinely helped with my OCD!! I'm the type of person who has a serious need for things to be organized. If things aren't organized, to the point where the term "clutter" comes into play? Well, I get irritated and grumpy. Anyone who really knows me can vouch for this.

See the picture? It has driven me absolutely crazy to know that this use to be the resting spot for my floor cleaning supplies. It was a complete waste of floor space, an eye sore, and in my own opinion? CLUTTER.

I finally don't have the eye sore anymore!! I received a DOKO-IN Mop and Broom holder for free to review this week. You can find it on Amazon for around $22 ($15 if you have Amazon Prime). It holds up to 5 brooms, mops, etc., and has hooks attached for hanging spray bottles, scrub brushes, etc.  It also comes with two extra single holders (I have found a place for THOSE just yet).

I've had this empty little space between the wall and my washing machine, so I knew ahead of time just where exactly I wanted to put my new mop and broom holder!

Isn't it beautiful!?!?!? (From an OCD person's point of view, of course)

I'm obviously not done with adding all of my supplies to it, but I love it!! I love that the broom and Swiffer aren't making my kitchen look cluttered anymore!

I'm actually planning to buy another one for the garage.

If you're looking for a good mop and broom holder to organize your own cleaning supplies, I do recommend this one! I'm kicking myself for not investing in one sooner!

***I received this product free in exchange for my review. All opinions are genuinely my own***

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