Sunday, March 22, 2015

Influenster VoxBox Review: #JAdoreDessange!!!

Hi everyone!!! I was recently sent this very awesome VoxBox from Influenster for testing and review purposes, and I am LOVING what these products have to offer now!!!

Blonde is my signature hair color whenever Spring and Summer time roll around. That's why I was super excited when I was chosen to test and review Dessange Paris's new California Blonde collection (pictured above)!!!

The California Blonde collections consists of Illuminating Shampoo, Illuminating Conditioner, Brass Color Correcting Creme, and Illuminating Elixir. I was sent the shampoo, conditioner, and color correcting creme to test.

Anyone who's a "blonde" fanatic knows the kind of damage it can do to your hair if you get too carried away with it (I learned this lesson the very HARD way last year). This is why I was so excited to try these products to see if they really work....and they DO!!!

You can see from the pictures above just HOW blonde I like to go, and you can see on the lower end (even though it's dyed as well) that my natural hair color is on the much darker side of the spectrum!! If you're dark-headed like me, you know first-hand how easily hair can be damaged in the bleaching process.  The DESSANGE Paris California Blonde collection is specially formulated to keep your blonde hair soft and nourished while enhancing its' color and shine, and it works!

Now, I'll admit that I didn't have the best opinion (for various reasons which I'll explain) after my FIRST use. The aroma was very strong, and had me gasping for fresh air during my first use, but it's only because I used too much! My first time using the shampoo and conditioner, I applied the same amount that I would apply with my average everyday shampoo and conditioner. THAT was my mistake. The California Blonde collection products work SO well, that you literally only need to apply half the amount that you would apply if using other products...seriously!!

I'm loving the soft and smooth texture of my hair since I've started using this collection of products! I have tried a LOT of hair products in my time, and these are seriously my favorite so far! I'm not scared anymore that my hair will fall out with each brushing because of damage from the bleaching process!

Don't let me get too caught up on just the shampoo and conditioner though!! The California Blonde Color Correcting Creme(pictured below) is awesome too!!

It almost never fails that I end up with a little bit of brass/orange each year after that first good bleaching. I'm sure dark-haired girls everywhere can relate!! That's why I was super excited to have the chance to try the color correcting creme!

If you take a good look at the picture above, you can clearly see where the ends of my blonde have a brassy color to look at the picture below.

After only one treatment with Dessange's California Blonde Brass Color Correcting Creme, the brassy color is a LOT less noticeable!!! THAT's how well the stuff really works!!!

Sadly, I was not able to try the California Blonde Illuminating Elixir, but I fully intend on going to Target (where these products can be found) as soon as possible to get some!

If you love having blonde hair and are looking for the right products to keep it nourished and healthy, you NEED to try the Dessange Paris California Blonde collection!! I promise you won't regret it! :) 

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