Monday, July 13, 2015

A Week of Yummy Creations

I usually try to post about weekly adventures every Sunday, and yesterday I did not. The truth is, I just couldn't get out of my kitchen last week! Part of learning to live a frugal lifestyle means never letting food go to waste. Last week, we had an ABUNDANCE of food that would have gone to waste if my husband and I hadn't gotten creative!

Last weekend, our neighbor came over to let us know that their fig trees were producing, and to let us know that we were more than welcome to pick as many as we could....THIS is what my husband came home with!!

Needless to say, I logged onto Pinterest IMMEDIATELY for recipe ideas!

I ended up baking 3 fig cakes last week, and the rest of the figs got canned for later use.

Another thing we received a LOT of last week? Bananas. These were easy to use, as my family loves any kind of banana bread! In total, I baked 2 loaves of banana nut bread, and 2 loaves of peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread! (We gave one of each of the loaves away to different friends/neighbors)

Yesterday, we were in the kitchen using up all the rest of the fresh goods we had on hand (again, we don't like seeing good food go to waste). Pretty much ALL day was spent in the kitchen canning yesterday.

Altogether, we ended up with:

7 cans of apple pie filling
5 jars of canned figs
4 cans of cherry pie filling
2 cans of homemade apple butter

This is only the beginning of our family's canning & creating adventures!! This week, the plan is to finish tilling up land in preparation of our fall/winter garden.

There will also be more creations whipped up in the kitchen!!

In all honesty? I've found a new form of therapy ;)

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