Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Last Week's Adventures!

I know, I know...I'm late on posting about last week's adventures!! Life happens....and so do massive, crippling, toothaches (more on that at another time). Anyways, the pain has subsided, so it's time to finally get around to posting!

For the most part, things were fairly quiet last week. I didn't feel like running to the grocery store, so I got creative with things that we already had on-hand in our food supply. I try to bake at least one treat a week for our family. It's cheap to bake from scratch, and I love to keep our taste buds satisfied!

Digging through our pantry & fridge, I found two of my favorite ingredients: white chocolate chips, and cream cheese! Naturally, I got on Pinterest to see if there were any delicious recipes with a combination of the two. Our treat for the week ended up being white chocolate cream cheese cookies! Granted, you couldn't really taste the cream cheese in them (I couldn't, anyways), but they did have a more chewy texture than the white chocolate cookies I usually make, so that's a plus! I'll definitely be reusing this recipe in the future!

Along with baking, I love finding deals. When I find awesome deals on bake-ware? I'm in a baker's heaven!!

As I was out getting groceries last week, I noticed many bake-ware items were on closeout over at Kroger. The original cost of the spring form pan pictured here was close to $11. I spent about $6 less than that. YAY!!

This purchase completely made my week, to say the least! It made my week because of the awesome deal I got on it, and it made my week because I was able to add to my baking collection. My ultimate goal is to have every essential piece of bake-ware that a baker or homemaker could ever possibly need. Call me crazy, but I actually LOVE stuff like that!

I seriously can't stress enough just how excited I was for this! I can't wait to make my first recipe with it!!!

Adding to the list of deals last week....

Look at the picture, need I say more!? This is one deal that I cannot take credit for. In fact, my husband gets ALL the credit for this one. He heard about it on the radio while at work, and INSISTED that we get in on it.

Granted, the steaks that were advertised at this price were small 4 oz. steaks, but I'm not complaining. Steak, of ANY sort, is something that we haven't been able to afford in our family's budget for a VERY long time.

While the steaks may be on the smaller side, they are deliciously tender!! The "tender" works well with my teeth, and is perfect for the girls as well. They were also very tasty. I see many creative dinner meals to use them with!

Kudos to the hubs for finding such a great deal!!

Aside from the deals, last week held a major moment...one of those "WOW" moments. Gail, for the first time ever, decided that she liked the taste of REAL milk. It originally started out in MY glass, but she got curious (so mama gave her a sip, of course), and liked the taste, so I poured the rest into her bottle.

This was big for more than one reason. For starters, this child has never liked the taste of ANY liquid that wasn't formula. She's never liked water, juices, etc. I've tried EVERYTHING with her!! I'm so happy that she likes MILK!!

This is also big because it means we can really work at weening her off of formula before her first birthday, and THAT is big because this mommy realized that her birthday is just a few short weeks away! Where has the time gone!?! My baby is growing up too fast!!

As for this week? I'm already gathering ideas for more tasty creations (homemade ice cream may be in the mix!). I've also gone to see the dentist (which, in all honesty, should have been done two weeks ago), and am currently working on 2-3 other blog posts that need to be finished up soon. Here's to hoping you all have an awesome week!!

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