Thursday, June 25, 2015

4 Word-of-Mouth Websites for Reviewing Free Products

Soooo, I've been meaning to get around to this particular post for quite a WHILE now!! As many of you know, I tend to type up a lot of reviews. Many of my friends are always asking just how I manage to score all of the awesome products I've been given, so it's time to get around to some answers! Haha!

The websites listed below are primarily word-of-mouth websites; this means that big name companies are depending on influencers to spread the word about their as many people as possible!

  1. Influenster: This is definitely one of my favorites, for the simple fact that it's where I got my start at receiving free products! As the name suggests, this website is all about INFLUENCE. Basically, after signing up, you'll connect all of your different social accounts. Influenster's system then tallies up a score, based on how many total followers you have across the internet. Next, I'll tell you why that score is important!

    Influenster sends out VoxBoxes that are filled with different products that follow a specific theme. The higher your social impact score is, the higher your chances are for being selected to receive a box! It isn't just about your social impact though. To raise your chances for being selected for a VoxBox, or VirtualVox, mission, you have to be ACTIVE on their platform. This means regularly logging in, engaging with other users, writing reviews on their website, etc. Remember, they're looking for those who spread the most influence about different products.

  2. Smiley360: As is the case with Influenster, Smiley360 relies on a person's social influence. Again, you'll need to connect as many of your social accounts as possible in order to earn as many OPPORTUNITIES as possible! I've done a handful of missions since joining this site myself, and very much enjoy the experiences I've had so far! I actually am currently in the middle of two different Smiley campaigns right now (So be sure to look for some new reviews soon! ;) )!! Again, you'll need to sign in regularly if you don't want to miss any opportunities!!

    Also, with Smiley360 campaigns, you'll know ahead of time what they'll involve, but there will be a qualification quiz to see if you fit the right demographic that they're looking for. It's still an awesome program though!
  3. BzzAgent: This is another great one, and quite possibly my ABSOLUTE favorite! It works like the others listed, in that you need to connect your social accounts in order to receive more opportunities. You regularly login, and check if there are any new surveys available, as the surveys are what will ALSO help you qualify for campaigns. Also, the more you participate in the campaigns you're assigned, the more your "BzzScore" goes up. The higher the score, the more opportunities you get!

    There are two things that make BzzAgent a little unique, compared to Influenster or Smiley360. For each campaign activity that you complete with BzzAgent, you're awarded MyPoints that can be redeemed on MyPoints' website, so that's a plus! Another plus? As a BzzAgent, you're given access to other goodies that are exclusively available to members periodically. One prime example? A while back, BzzAgents were given a $25 off $50 purchase digital coupon to use at Kroger! Also, if you participate in Kroger-based campaigns and perform well enough, you get the chance of being selected for more comparable coupons to load to your store card!
  4. CrowdTap: Unlike some of the sites above, you really only need to have your Facebook and Twitter accounts linked in order to get the most benefit from it, however, they aren't absolutely necessary. With Crowdtap, you get to work with different brands. You perform "quickhits," which are basically short and simple questions that you answer. You get so many points for each quickhit, and every 100 points earned gives you one entry into that brand's monthly prize drawing. My second month with them, I actually won $65 in Amazon gift cards (which paid for my two older daughters' birthday presents)!!

    Aside from the monthly prize drawings, the points you earn throughout the month are tallied up, and a monetary donation is made to the charity of your choice (which you'll choose during the signup process). I kind of really LOVE knowing that charities are being supported as a result of this website!
So, now you know about 4 great websites for finding products to review! Remember, the key to being successful with these sites is to be influential! Remember to sign in regularly, and actively participate in different activities to really show different brands that you're serious about your influence skills; all of these things will greatly increase your chances of being invited to exciting campaigns!

One last bit of advice? If you should choose to try any of the websites mentioned in this post, be sure to ALWAYS check your email! I check mine at least once a day, as there were times in the beginning when I missed out on some exciting campaigns....all because I didn't check my email in time, and the spots had filled up QUICKLY.

Now... What's stopping you?? If you love "spreading the buzz" about your favorite products, you now know where to go to get in on the action, and have FUN while spreading the word!

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