Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Father's Day Adventures (Mostly in Pictures)

I said I would post about our Father's Day here goes! Our day yesterday was very relaxing! We decided to do something that we haven't done in a WHILE now. We went fishing!! It's seriously been a few years now since the last time we actually went. It was also the girls' first time to truly enjoy the experience!

What I love the most about yesterday is that it gave "daddy" the chance to really spend time with the girls. He works a LOT, and rarely gets time off of work, so it's not often that he gets to have real bonding time with them!

Also, he got to do some teaching! I love that the kind of memories made yesterday will be the kind that, several years from now, the girls will be able to look back upon while smiling and telling good stories!

It was also a great way for my husband to spend father's day because it gave him the chance to TRULY relax....again, that's something that hasn't happened in quite a while! As a result, I felt it necessary to capture some authentic shots of him in his truly relaxed state of mind!

It was also a fun day for Maddie....Richard had TRIED to take her fishing a little over a month ago, but the weather was windy and unfavorable, and she was very upset that no fish were caught that day! Well....

She caught her very first fish yesterday!!! She was so happy, and I love it!! That's not all though!

Just a short while after catching her first fish.....she caught TWO! It was actually very funny! All of the adults were a bit away from her, as I was tending to the baby and Richard was off fishing in a different spot. She started hollering for help because she was having trouble reeling her catch in. All of a sudden, we hear "There's two on here!!!"

We didn't believe her until Richard ran over to help her, and sure enough, there was!! She was VERY proud of this particular catch, and so were we!

As for sweet Kay? Well, she didn't catch any fish yesterday, but that's okay! She was content just to simply be fishing! She also seemed like she was quite in her element, too!

Say "CHEESE"!!!!! She was so happy!

...And I love how RELAXED she looks in this one!!

There were some group shots that I took of them too, of course, but there's one particular shot that's my favorite. There's just something about a black and white photo that makes it look SO much more beautiful! After some encouraging from different friends, it's one that I'll be taking the time to frame later this week, after making a trip to the store:

So, as you can see, our day was truly filled with some lovely adventures yesterday. I actually LOVE how the day played out. My husband was able to spend Father's Day in the best way possible! He got to spend the day doing something he really loves while ALSO spending good quality time with the girls. Sometimes, it's not always material things, or items bought with money, that make the best gifts. I truly believe that YESTERDAY was filled with the best gifts that "Dad" could have possibly asked for and received! I'm already ready for another fun adventure like the one we had yesterday! 


  1. Looks like you had a great Father's Day! Thanks for sharing! I honestly am not too big on gifts. Of course it's nice to receive something, but you can't put a price on spending time with your children.

    1. You're very right about the fact that there is no price on spending time with the children! That being said, you will find yourself to be a happy emotional mess when they're old enough to start giving those special hand-made gifts...I bawled like a baby the first time my oldest brought one home from school!

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