Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Muller Dessert Inspired Yogurt!

As a member of BzzAgent, I receive opportunities to try lots of great new products, and this is one of them! I received coupons for free Muller's Dessert Inspired Yogurt, and am SO glad that I did! Even though I received a coupon to get these products for free, all opinions in this post are genuinely my own!

Muller Dessert Inspired Yogurts are a delicious summertime treat that come packed with 7 grams of protein in each little cup. They also happen to come in some pretty yummy flavors!

  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Raspberry Brownie Supreme
  • Dulce de Leche Delight
  • Peach cobbler

Needless to say, I ran to the store as fast as I could to get some! Being as I had two coupons, I chose to get one Strawberry Cheesecake, and one Raspberry Brownie Supreme. I wasn't left disappointed with my choices, either.

With the Raspberry Brownie Supreme, you get a raspberry flavored yogurt along with little tiny brownie pieces to mix in.

The texture of the brownie pieces was a little weird at first, but blended perfectly once the yogurt moistened them up.

This yogurt had the perfect mix of sweet AND chocolately to its taste! I'm definitely glad I made the decision to get this one, and have already gone out to stock up on more.

I happen to be a HUGE fan of cheesecake, which is why I was so excited to try this one!

As is the case with the Raspberry Brownie Supreme, the yogurt in THIS one was strawberry yogurt (with REAL strawberries mixed in).

Off to the side were crumbled graham cracker crust pieces to mix into the yogurt. There wasn't even a weird texture at first with this one! In fact, I was hooked from the VERY first bite!

Just as I did with the Raspberry Brownie Supreme, I've gone out and restocked on these!

I do fully intend on trying the other two flavors mentioned above, but all of the yogurts I've stocked up on have completely filled my "yogurt drawer" in the fridge. Needless to say, my husband has put me on restriction from buying anymore until the ones we have have already been consumed! I actually won't allow him OR my children to touch them, haha!

The Muller Dessert Inspired Yogurts can be found at Kroger, as well as its other family stores, which include:
  • Baker's
  • City Market
  • Dillons
  • Fred Meyer
  • Fry's
  • King Soopers
  • Owen's
  • OFC
  • Ralphs
  • Smith's
So if you're looking for a new & healthy summer treat to indulge in, be sure to try these delicious Dessert Inspired Yogurts by Muller. I promise you won't be let down!

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