Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blessings and BIRTHDAYS!

Some people say that double rainbows are a sign of blessings to come, and I believe that is most definitely true! I took a picture of this double rainbow Friday evening. The sad part is, I may not have even noticed it if it weren't for my oldest daughter exclaiming :Mom, look! A Rainbow!!" I moved to get a better view, and sure enough, there was this beautiful double rainbow, WAITING to be seen! Curiosity prompted me to get on Google to see if there was symbolic meaning for it.

After how this past weekend has played out, I'm a VERY firm believer of it standing for blessings! Friday, in itself, was a blessing because it was my sweet middle daughter's fifth birthday!

The day was spent making memories, too! She was SO happy to finally be celebrating HER birthday, since we'd celebrated her older sister's just 10 days prior. I totally made BOTH of their day that day by taking them to get DONUTS for breakfast!

Friday was also a big day for Gail! She got her first taste of chocolate sprinkly donuts when I wasn't looking!

Her daddy is the one who introduced her to this yummy goodness! He spoils her every chance he gets!

Yesterday was the girls' birthday party. Every year, I make it a point to spoil the girls ALL day long on the day of their party.

I've recently gotten on this kick where I enjoy baking things from scratch, so I decided to spoil the girls with homemade strawberry muffins from scratch (You can find the recipe here). This is the 2nd time I've baked these this week, and I do believe they're a new family favorite!

The entire day was, indeed, very fun! I mean, sure, it rained most of the time....but that didn't stop all the kids from having fun! We'd already had a small pool set up (which the girls have played in EVERY single day since summer vacation started), and all of the kids had a blast while swimming in the rain! It's actually a little ironic that it rained, too, considering that my husband and I had gotten "Frozen" umbrellas for the girls since they've always LOVED playing in the rain....and they also love Frozen, as you can see below when looking at their cake!

Maddie and Kay were absolutely ecstatic when they saw how pretty their cake was!

I went out of my way to special-order their cake stopper design this since since all of the major store bakeries were sold out of all of the "Frozen" cake decorating kits last year, and I am SO glad that I did. I'm so happy with how this cake turned out, and the GIRLS were super happy to have such a pretty cake with their favorite characters on it!

Referring back to the double rainbow from earlier, I do truly believe in its significance for blessings! There's this feeling of peace, happiness, and GOOD TIMES washing over our family these days. I'm keeping my head up, and a positive attitude that these blessings will KEEP pouring in! This weekend was such a fun adventure for our family, and I can't wait to see what life has in store for us during this new coming week ahead!!

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