Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Very Very WET Week of Adventures!!

I'm typing this one out earlier in the day (MUCH earlier) than what I usually do, for the simple fact that it's Father's Day! There MAY be a post later this evening about how our family's Father's day plays just all depends on how the day goes!

Our past week didn't hold TOO many adventures, as we were trapped inside for a good part of the week, thanks to good old tropical storm Bill.

Tuesday, we pretty well put outdoor plans on hold, or proceeded with caution, as that's the day we were expecting all the rain....we barely got ANY that day, so the girls were happy because it meant that they got to enjoy some outdoor time!

WEDNESDAY.....It started out a decent day.....until shortly after 1 o'clock. THAT's when the sky fell out!! Let me just say this: I am SO thankful to have a covered outdoor patio! The girls LOVE being outside, and the patio gives them the chance to be when the weather wouldn't usually permit. So, um...YAY!!!

I took this picture from the back door when the worst of the rain bands started coming in. It was actually a lot darker than the picture portrays along with lightening thrown into the mix, so it was actually one of those times where I made the girls come inside. They were scared from how dark and scary it was, scared the lights would go out, and MAD that the satellite signal went out on our t.v.!

I'm surprised and proud of them though, because they actually coped much better with this storm than what they have in the past with OTHER storms...

They still ran outside every time it lightened up enough though!

My husband and I both enjoy watching storms, so we pretty well spent our day watching it out the window, and listening to it all pour down (after he came in from work, of course). The rain went on for HOURS, and it was still lightly raining after 9 o'clock when we finally took ourselves to bed.

Aside from the wet weather that we started our week with, there was a major milestone for baby Gail! She has now been upgraded to eating THREE full meals a day in her high chair!!

Her routine, at the moment, is to have some hearty scrambled eggs at breakfast, a jelly fold-over at lunch, and any soft edibles that we cook for supper. She's. LOVING. It. SERIOUSLY. All she does is smile while eating because she knows she's at the "big" table with the rest of the family!

Also? Her new eating routine, along with all of her regular formula bottles that she still takes? It's really helped her put some weight on this week! At her regular checkup on Monday, she was 12 lbs 3 oz. I put her on the scale the day before yesterday....and my little chunk was 13 lbs!!! I'm definitely keeping her on this new eating routine!!!

Thursday, after the rain had FINALLY let up, I took Maddie and Kay shopping. They'd had birthday money that they were holding onto, and EVERY day they'd ask if I could take them to go buy something with it. So this completely made their day when I finally took them to the store!

Maddie's favorite thing that she bought for herself was the bubbles, of course!

Kay bought some little toys with her money too, of course...but really? In all honesty, she was happy just being an artist with all of the chalk that they got at their birthday party last week (By the way, if you get your kids glitter chalk, be assured that glitter will be EVERYWHERE...SERIOUSLY!!!).

The girls' love for chalk and creativity is just one more reason why I love having an outdoor patio. It gives them plenty of space to draw and be creative!

Despite all of the rain that we got, we all still managed to have a good time this week! We didn't get to have our mommy/daughter movie times, however, as the batteries died in the remote that we needed....EEEK! Their dad brought them home some batteries yesterday though, so we'll be back on track this week! The girls and I have movie time every day after lunch. They've come to expect it, and they get SO excited about it! So I'm happy we get to get back into the routine!

For now, I'm hopping off (as sweet Gail has just woken up), and am about to start the process of cooking breakfast.

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful dads out there!!!

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