Sunday, June 7, 2015


It's officially summer vacation at our house, YAY!!! I cannot tell you how excited this makes me!! I'm happy to finally be able to spend good quality time with my girls!! It was a long week to get here though!!

Tuesday, Gail had her appointment with the cardiologist after it had been rescheduled due to flooding the previous week. It went GREAT!! Sort of. My sweet, sweet, child who is always the best baby you could ever imagine while getting an echo done? She was NOT so sweet this go-round. In fact? She screamed bloody murder the entire time that the tech was trying to get the needed images. At one point, they actually had to call in a SECOND tech, and the two worked together to keep her distracted and still long enough to get the pics that they needed.

I was a bit nervous for the results, but I usually always am. It's a MOM thing! I couldn't be happier right now! Her cardiologist believes that Gail may not need anymore surgeries from a cardiac standpoint, at least not anytime in the immediate future, so that is a HUGE plus! She'll have a sedated echo at the end of August just to be sure, and then we can schedule to see GI about scheduling her LADD procedure (Gail was born with malrotated intestines, as a result of her Heterotaxy, and the LADD is to straighten them out properly). We ALSO got news that same day that our insurance has approved extensive DNA testing to determine which gene mutated to cause the Heterotaxy, and if there are any other underlying conditions that we may not be aware of. I'd say it was an AWESOME week for Gail because we're finally seeing progress on getting her the NON-cardiac related care that she needs! Gail has no idea of all this, of course...she's just as spunky as can be, and keeps making strides in her developmental progress!

It is SUPER hard to believe that she'll already be a year old in just a few months!!!

Aside from Tuesday being a big day for was also my oldest daughter's birthday!! I can't believe that my oldest baby is 7 now!! I'm just like WHOA!!! ...WHERE has the time gone!!! We haven't thrown her party just yet, however. Maddie and Kay's birthdays are just 10 days apart, so we always throw them a party TOGETHER to help save on costs. She DID get cupcakes and ice cream that day though!!

Fast-forward to Thursday.....the last day of school! It is so hard to believe that my older 2 babies are now officially in Kindergarten and 2nd grade!! I, of course, had to take a picture as they waited on the bus to show up for the very last time of the school year.

You can definitely see how HAPPY they were about it!!!

Now, being as the girls' birthdays are so close together, they DO get gifts that are for BOTH of them, along with their INDIVIDUAL gifts. Today? Our neighbor let them have their gift early, to help kick off the summer fun before their upcoming party (That post will be next week!)

What better way to start the summer fun than with a swimming pool!?!? My neighbors happen to be very skilled when it comes to spoiling my princesses!!
As you can see, they were impatient when it came to waiting on the pool to fill up! I love seeing the delight on their faces!!

So yes, it was definitely a week of adventures for all of the girls!! It was also a week of IDEAS as far as decisions made by my husband and I!

Pictured above is our hog trap. Part of living frugal means that we raise our own meat whenever possible. My husband decided that it was time to catch another wild hog (this will be number 3 since we've started doing this). We'll raise it and feed it out until it's just the right size (a process that usually takes several months), and then we'll put it down, and take it to a meat processing company that's conveniently located about a half-mile away from our home. You actually pay MUCH less per pound on meat when you go this route!! The only time you'll pay more is if you choose to have extra add-ins thrown into the mix, such as cheese or jalapenos, etc..

I'm definitely excited about all of the things happening in our lives lately!! I am definitely glad that summer vacation is officially here! What are YOUR summer plans, and what sort of adventures do you have planned??

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