Sunday, June 14, 2015

Chronicle Vs. Enterprise (Why I Fluctuate Between the Two!)

I understand some of you may be confused for as to why it is that sometimes I'll post the inserts for the Houston Chronicle, while at other times posting for the Beaumont Enterprise.

The truth is, my primary goal is to post ONLY the Houston Chronicle inserts, as it usually has the better coupons in it! This is why I subscribe to have the Chronicle delivered to my door in those deep dark EARLY hours every Sunday.

Sometimes, however, there will be a mishap, and the newspaper delivery person will accidentally throw the Beaumont Enterprise into my driveway (as was the case this morning) instead of the Chronicle. When this happens is when the Inserts I post will be for the Enterprise. It's not ideal for me to wait til the paper gets delivered to the stores and then go buy one to type up, as my children are already awake and being rowdy by that point, and my focus must be on THEM when they wake up.

My sincerest apologies for the fluctuations! Fingers crossed that the correct paper gets delivered to my door next week!

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